Company news In Odessa is loudly celebrated the city Day

Festive events dedicated to the Day of Odessa, was attended by over 100 thousand people


2 September Odessa celebrated the 223rd anniversary from the day of its Foundation. In honor of this event, the city government jointly with the Fund “holidays” organized a number of festive events, attended by over 100 thousand citizens and guests of the city.

The main event of the holiday was the performance of the Ukrainian group “Ocean Elzy”, which played on the stage of the two-hour concert. The stage itself was set at the seaport, while the steps of the Potemkin stairs served as a concert hall under the open sky. In addition to the “Okean Elzy”, the concert was attended by Georgian singer Nino Katamadze, who performed, including, and songs in the Ukrainian language, as well as a young Greek singer Demi, who sang his hit “Eurovision-2017” “This is Love”.

“We are especially proud of the lighting solution of the main stage: it was a lot of light heads, floodlights, lights, lasers, screens and other equipment. All this is provided by Kiev company And Light, which operates on such popular TV shows as “dancing with the stars” and “95th quarter”. Given the scale of the program, we were a little risk, because I wanted to put on a show that has not yet been seen in Ukraine. But the risk paid off and the show was really successful: it was a feeling of huge European Metropolitan concert”, – says the head of the Fund “holidays” Elena Orlova.

In addition, in the Central part of the city has installed five large screens that live broadcast the concerts from the Potemkin stairs. “Each of the screens became an independent location, where citizens and guests of the festival. Many of them were located right in the green areas near screens, arranging impromptu family picnics,” says Elena Orlova.

Within a large-scale celebration of the day of Odessa, the city hosted a concert-a tribute to Adriano Celentano, which was addressed by Enrico Cagnotte – the official DoppelgangeR of the famous Italian actor and singer. The holiday ended with bright fireworks simultaneously from three points, which was visible from everywhere.

“And Odessa, and the city was pleased with the holiday. And, despite the fact that he just ended, we discussed what we can surprise the inhabitants of Odessa in a year. This year we raised the bar very high, so in the following, according to the mayor, “will surprise”, i.e. to look in the direction of world-renowned performers,” promised Elena Orlova.