In Odessa kidnapped little SchweikPhoto: Duma

For the second time

19.02.18 17000

In the center of Odessa with the facade of the restaurant “Gambrinus” on the corner of Deribasovskaya street unknown stole a small figure of the good soldier Schweik. About it reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to the press service of the city Council.

“I can say only that yesterday, he was still. Today it is not. Contact the law enforcement authorities”, – said the speaker of the city Council Natalia Maltseva.

This is the second kidnapping Schweik. The first occurred in the spring of 2017.

Mini-sculpture of the good soldier Schweik on the facade of “Gambrinus” appeared in September 2016. Set in Odessa, the sculpture was offered by the representative of the company Jaroslav Hasek in Czech Republic Kamil Heinz.

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Sculpture installation in Odessa connected with the story of the author of the adventures of Schweik, who once read in Czech Newspapers about his death. An obituary was printed in three different versions. One of them mentioned that he was killed by drunken sailors in the basement pub “Gambrinus”. This story Heinz gave Mikhail Zhvanetsky – so there was a connection Schweik with Odessa.

The author of the sculpture Mykhailo Kolodko, which account for two such Schweik. One of them is in the Czech town Lipnice nad sázavou. It was there that he finished writing the last volume of “Adventures of the good soldier Schweik” Jaroslav Hasek. The second – in Uzhgorod. Here švejk sitting on the railing, prostrelyanny bullets during world war II over the river, Too, with dumplings in hand.