In Odessa it is necessary to freeze all construction for verification of documents, – LutsenkoYuriy Lutsenko / Photo:

The Prosecutor General initiates a stop of all construction projects for a month

04.12.18 79000

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko initiates a stop of all construction projects in Odessa for a month to check all permits. He stated this at a briefing in Odessa, reports RBC-Ukraine.

In particular, Lutsenko demanded that the Minister of internal Affairs to provide a week of verification documents developers.

“Obviously, we need to understand why this is happening. Most of the developers do not have the complete set of documents and use the proximity to power. All construction must be legitimate. So, today I asked the Governor in exercise of his powers, the Minister of internal Affairs in accordance with its powers to conduct a stop of all construction projects, to check all documents. And, to begin this week. The algorithm we have to offer for a week, then all developers have to show all the documents. Let’s start with the Odessa, and then further,” he said, noting that the proposal was to stop all construction in Odessa for a month.

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Also, according to the attorney General, in many cases, violence on the streets is due to the confrontation of different developers.

In addition, Lutsenko at the meeting of heads of law enforcement agencies, said that the illegal construction in Odessa, conducted and maintained.

“The first requirement of the meeting to stop any form of illegal business in the region, they are the main source of crimes against public activists. Illegal construction, illegal gambling, illegal sale in pharmacies of drugs, illegal diversion of land and other forms should be clearly analyzed power structures and criminal proceedings, which are many, in each of these cases should be brought to its logical end. That’s question number one,” he said.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine has resumed the program “Affordable housing”.

In particular, it is reported that the program “Affordable housing”, held by state Fund for youth housing assistance, were renewed in the current year and уже28 November, the first 13 families signed a contract to participate in the program. They are all from the capital and Kiev region.

After signing the family will have the opportunity to make the accounts part of the cost of the selected accommodation and receive support from the state.