The protesters oppose the building of the Summer theatre in Odessa.
Rally against the work in the Summer theatre turned into a brawl / photo Dumskaya Odessa in the city garden, about 30 people came to protest against the building of the Summer theatre.

About it reports “Duma”.

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It is reported that in the Summer, the theatre had several dozen protesters who advocate the return of this area to the municipal property, and also declare the illegality of the harvest areas. At the same time on a place there are the protesters who support the project.

Protest in Odessa / photo of the Duma

During the rally one of the opponents of the work required to remove the security booth. Between the parties clashed.

Note, the tenant claims that “is an accomplishment and repair of Summer theatre” , however, according to the protesters, there are major construction work, during which dismantle the old structure.