KIEV. 7 Aug. UNN. The border guards in Odessa found benactyzine cigarettes and thousands of litres of illegal alcohol at the warehouse of the logistics company. It is reported by the gpsu, reports UNN.

“As a result of the authorized search in one of the logistics companies transport mail in Odessa, discovered and seized almost 3,000 packs of cigarettes Swiss production without excise stamps. In addition, it was found 2360 liters of vodka products, including more than 1200 liters of alcohol, more than 800 liters of cognac and 350 liters of wine,” – said in the message.

Offences identified as a result of implementation of the information received, the operational units of the southern regional government of state frontier service of Ukraine, and implemented under the procedural guidance Kotovsky local Prosecutor’s office, said the border guards.

“The preliminary sum of an assessment of the seized goods amounted to almost 370 thousand hryvnias”, – noted in the SBS.

We will remind as wrote UNN, in Europe high-quality alcohol is more affordable than in Ukraine.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Beverage Trading Company Olga Ivushkina, lack of access to legal alcohol for the Ukrainians due to the high tax component.

“Ill-conceived fiscal policy provokes a buyer to savings, and hence – the purchase of surrogate alcohol. Legal manufacturer, the tax burden just destroys. In recent years, the legal production of an average of 20% annually, and fewer people can afford to buy high-quality alcohol” she explained.