People brought flowers under the House of trade unions / UNIAN

With the area evacuated hundreds of people who came here in connection with the anniversary of the tragedy on may 2, 2014, the correspondent of UNIAN.

As reported the UNIAN in Department of communications, GU NP in the Odessa region, about 16.30 on the specialline “102” the unknown called the man who said that he heard the conversation of two passers-by that the House of trade unions is mined.

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“Now in the presence of explosive substances or items into the building is checked by militiamen, among them specialists of explosive control GUNP and cynologists with guard dogs” – reported in Department.

Earlier from-for messages on mining of the House of trade unions on the Kulikovo field were today evacuated people who gathered on the anniversary of the tragedy. After checking again allowed into the square.

The third anniversary of the tragedy on may 2 in Odessa

The third anniversary of the tragedy on may 2 in Odessa
photo: UNIAN

Today in Odessa on the Kulikovo field has gathered more than 1 thousand people. Among those who came – those who decided to honor those who died in the House of trade unions; but some people says that mourns all those who died in may 2014 – there are only 48 people.

In addition, in the square, Pro-Ukrainian activists, who are watching events. Among them – former leader of the Odessa organization “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko.

Kulikovo held a prayer service. Some of the attendees were divided into groups that communicate with each other. Among them there are citizens of Pro-Russian attitudes that blame in the tragedy of the revolution of Dignity.

One of the groups brought the sound-amplifying equipment with which she conducted the meeting. Within its framework were released into the sky black balls and white doves. Participants of the rally chanted: “do Not forget, do not forgive!”, “Vaughn from Odessa, Bandera demons!” and the like.

There were several conflicts. In particular, several people aggressively responded to the presence Sternenko, called him a provocateur, and demanded that the police remove it from the Kulikovo field. As a result militiamen withdrew from the activist crowd.

Also there was a conflict due to the fact that the police seized from one of the bouquets St. George ribbon – the indignation expressed by some retirees. In addition, some of the attendees responded to the painful presence of the man who wore the badge with Ukrainian symbols.

Law enforcement officers organized passageway to the people who laid flowers to the metal fence with pictures of the dead could leave the area.

The head of the Main Directorate of the National police in Odessa region Dmitry Golovin said that for violation of order arrested 4 people.

He did not specify what the detainees had done, and noted that the citizens delivered to the police Department, which is now under investigation.

The framework with metal detectors are now stranded people who want to go to the House of trade unions. As explained Golovin, a pass is limited to prevent large concentrations of people on the Kulikovo field. This, according to the head of the Department, may lead to aggravation of relations between opponents.

“As soon as the area is slightly released, everyone will be able to go,” he said.

Reference to UNIAN. May 2, 2014 in Odessa as a result of mass riots involving Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian activists were killed 48 people, injured about 300. Clashes broke out in the city centre, where he was shot and killed several people. Then Pro-Ukrainian activists gathered on Kulikovo field, which was located at tent camp separatists. The tent caught fire, the fire started in the House of trade unions, which also killed people.

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