In Odessa dismantled memorial stone to Marshal Zhukov

The monument was established supporters of the banned in the Communist party of Ukraine


Sunday, may 7, evening Odessa activists forced the city authorities to remove the memorial stone to Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. About it reports Radio Freedom.

The monument was installed on the eve of the supporters banned in the Communist party of Ukraine. The stone was on the Avenue, which until recently bore the name of Soviet commander, but in the context of decommunization, it was renamed the Avenue of the Heavenly hundred.

On marble stone there was an inscription in Russian: “here is a monument to the Marshal of the Victory, hero of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov from grateful veterans and residents of the hero city Odessa, with the support of the CC of the Communist party”.

We will remind, in Odessa on the night of may 6, explosion in the yard of the house, where the volunteer organization and the headquarters of the “Defense of Odessa”.