In Odessa died a famous volunteerVictor W/Photo:

He began to travel to the APU unit in the Donbas in mid-2014

06.04.18 352000

In Odessa after heavy and long illness has died the volunteer Victor Pogodin. He helped the soldiers who are on the “front” – the line of fire in the Donbass, reports local website

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He helped almost the last effort and was most recently on the front with the next batch of aid to the Ukrainian army.

Pogodin began to travel to the APU unit in the Donbas in mid-2014. He drove the soldiers everything from warm clothes to sniper scopes and night vision devices. Over the years he has made 39 trips to the ATO area.

At the end of March Pogodin was in the hospital with gastric bleeding. The volunteer had the surgery and examined in the Kiev clinic of cancer. He needed a liver transplant, reports InfoResist.

Friends and all indifferent people collected funds for the treatment Pogodin, however, the disease won.

Note, February 4, in the river there was a fatal accident, which killed the famous Ukrainian volunteer Leonid Krasnopolsky.