The boy was brought from the suburbs to the burn center of Odessa, but to save him failed.
Boy as a result of electric shock high voltage received burns / Photo Onionshare in Odessa died 13-year-old boy, who received 18 April burns over 80% of the body from electric shock on the roof of a railroad car.

As UNIAN reported in the mayor’s office, the child died from injuries incompatible with life.

As reported to journalists acting head of the burn Department of Odessa city hospital No. 10 Alexander Stavraki, the boy in the result of electric shock high voltage got burns by flame of the voltaic arc 85% of the body, of which 50% is deep.

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In addition, the child had burns of the respiratory tract, severe head injury, fracture of the left leg, etc.

Last night the Odessa region, he was taken to Odessa, where he was examined, introduced the corresponding drugs. According to doctors, the child began to withdraw from the state of shock, however, to save his life failed.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the evening of 18 April in the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region 13-year-old boy received severe burns from an electric shock on the roof of a railroad car.

According to police, the child was at the railway station in the village of Dachnoe. He climbed onto the roof of a railroad car and touched the exposed wires of the transmission line. The boy received an electric shock of high voltage and fell from the roof of the car.