In Odessa detained the organizer of the “robbery of the century” in Poland

Pole in detention and will await extradition


The security service of Ukraine detained near Odessa organizer of the so-called “robbery of the century”, who was wanted in 2016 for Bank robbery in Poland. About it reports Polish radio.

At the moment Grzegorz L. is under arrest where he will await extradition.

The Heist of the century occurred on July 10, 2015 in Swarzędz. The guards were supposed to move the money from ATMs and branches of Bank outlets. When a group of guards entered the building to put money in the ATM, one of them went on the minibus with the rest of the money – more than 8 million gold.

As it turned out, one of the guards was a fake name Ludza. According to witnesses, he took a job in a security firm a few months before the attack. In the workplace, the thief after him did not leave any traces.

The perp had accomplices and organizer of the operations, who were detained in Ukraine. He was a Deputy Director of the security company, where he worked as a fake security guard. He also got a job Ludza.

Detained in Ukraine, was the last criminal who was wanted after the robbery.