In Odessa detained the judge, which was copied by militants apartments in Donetsk

In the occupied territory criminal group helped “the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of DNR”


Tuesday, October 31, the security Service of Ukraine detained the judge of one of the city’s district courts of Odessa region, as well as her accomplice who cooperated with the militants “DNR”. This reports the press service of the Prosecutor General.

“The investigation established that members of an organized group, whose members included the judge, the members of the terrorist organization “DNR” and other persons in 2015-2016 forged decision of the Kirov district court of Donetsk on behalf of the former judges of this court about the alleged change in 2013-2014 the owners of apartments in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region”, – stated in the message.

Fake court decision was provided to registrants who have extended the real estate on figureheads, and then dispose of them members of the “DNR”.

In the occupied territory of Donetsk region criminal group helped “the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of DNR”.

The result was proof of the wrongful appropriation of three apartments in Donetsk and Torez in Donetsk region. Investigated the circumstances of preparation and illegal alienation of at least seven properties.

According to the results of the search at the place of residence of the judge, among other things, withdrew an official stamp and the stamp eliminated the Kirov district court of Donetsk, drafts, technical passport of the apartment, the certificate on death of persons issued “DNR”, and other documents and objects that were used for forgery of court decisions.

Preparing the notice and representation in the High Council of justice on the granting of consent to a judge in custody, the petition for application of measures of restraint in form of detention.