Live In Odessa caught “hugging” the robbersPhoto: screenshot from the video of the Channel

They hugged their victims and pulled from the pockets of everything of value

04.12.18 428000

In Odessa police detained four criminals who robbed drunken people enclosed in strong arms. It is reported Natspolitsiya Odessa region.

The robbers were waiting for their victims at places of entertainment. Then pretended that familiar and hugged his victim. While she was recovering, the robbers pulled out of the pockets of everything of value they could find.

If the victim came to himself and began to resist, then robbed her, he has openly threatened with physical violence.

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Now the police found the involvement of the four detainees, at least one robbery and three thefts. But the investigation is still in progress.

Criminal proceedings opened on articles 185 (theft) and 186 (robbery).

We will remind, the police of Khmelnytsky detained a man who tried to undermine his friends. Man after a quarrel threw a grenade at them from the window of his bus.