Odessa police are investigating the circumstances and causes of an arson of the cars of the Deputy Chairman of the Odessa administrative court of appeal. It is reported by the UKRINFORM Agency, a representative of the communications division of the Odessa Central Board of national police Svetlana Beletskaya.

“Today, February 21, the investigator of the seaside police Department Odessa opened criminal proceedings on the fact of arson of the car of Volkswagen Touareg, who is the Deputy Chairman of the administrative court of appeal. Investigative team found that the attacker threw into the car a bottle with an incendiary mix. On the scene arrived rescuers who quickly extinguished the fire. Police found the charred plastic bottle and a box of matches”- said Beletskaya.

In fact openly criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 194 of the criminal code (intentional destruction of property by arson).

The causes of the crime and the identity of the attacker installed.

Deputy Chairman of the court Alexander Gabourie declared three expensive cars, two of which are on his right of use. Officially the judge has only a Subaru Impresa (2008).

In Odessa burned another car, as reported by the press service of the Channel. “Today, about three o’clock in the morning, …at the seaside police Department in the city of Odessa received a message that near the house in the alley Observatorna there was an ignition Lexus car”, – is spoken in the message.

The preliminary cause of the fire is spontaneous combustion.

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