Live In Odessa ripped off LGBT pride

The activists were prevented to go the entire route


The participants of the Odessa LGBT-pride are unable to go through the whole planned route because of the protests of the opponents movement.

About it reports a local site

The procession went from the Vorontsov Palace to the Duke, and then are unable to move because opponents of the parade kept the cordon of police officers.

The participants of the pride announced a sit-in protest due to the fact that the police are unable to provide safe movement along the Primorsky Boulevard.

Trapped in the obstructed portion of radical activists are actually not allowed to finish the parade, although the fight also is not reached.

“LGBT pride is over. Not reached the activists to the city Council, are taken by buses,” wrote the journalist of “Radio Svoboda” Mikhail Shtekel in Twitter.

When the participants of the pride began to take out his opponents went.