Police are investigating the incident as hooliganism.
Currently, the police is carrying out investigative actions UNIAN

In Odessa, the police opened criminal proceedings on the fact of the actions of the activists, ismatovich 30 December 2018 faeces inventory in the three gambling establishments.

See also the center of Odessa, social activists held a rally, smeared feces all computers in gambling establishments

As reported the UNIAN in Department of communications Chief of the national police in the Odessa region the criminal proceedings opened this week, according to the article 296 of the Criminal code (“hooliganism”).

At present investigative actions are carried out.

As UNIAN reported earlier, late in the evening of 30 December 2018 in the center of Odessa, Kanatnaya street, social activists staged a “Healer”, smeared with human faeces inventory in the three gambling establishments. In particular, several dozen representatives of several community organizations came to the street cable car, located where the gaming establishment. With them they had a big container of faeces.

Well-known activist Todor panovsky, wearing a cloak and gloves, accompanied by his companions entered the game rooms and daubed monitors, keyboards, chairs, the contents of the bars (in particular, bottles of drinks), etc.

The participants all stated that they conduct pre-campaign “Healer”, which aims to “to cure gaming addiction”, and in the bucket they have a “mud of the estuary “Kuyalnik”. Staff rooms began to be indignant, but then retreated to avoid being smeared, and the visitors quickly left.