In Odessa beat a man in a campaign tent

KIEV. March 25. UNN. In Odessa the police began criminal proceedings on the fact of infliction of damage to the agitator, who worked in the propaganda tent of one of candidates in Presidents of Ukraine. About this UNN reports quoting the press service of GU NP in the region.

“About any conflicts on the street the Nikolaev road, the police said 38-year-old citizen, who works as a volunteer in the campaign tent of one of candidates in Presidents of Ukraine. The militiamen who have arrived on a call, the man said that came to the tent and three drunk people. After a brief “political” discussions, one of the strangers struck agitator with the fist, then the whole company is gone,” said the police.

The event qualified under part 1 St. 125 (intentional minor injury) Criminal code of Ukraine. Information on this fact brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

Police takes measures for establishment of the person pertaining to the said offence. The investigation is continuing.

Recall from the beginning of the election campaign 210 open cases.