Photos In Odessa activists of fry’s “double-headed eagle” the Consulate of Russia

The campaign “Crimea is Ukraine” came about 100 people


In Odessa on Thursday, March 16, activists picketed the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, where fry’s “double eagle”. About it reports the UNIAN.

The campaign, entitled “Crimea is Ukraine” gathered more than 100 Ukrainian activists who recalled the illegal seizure of Crimea by Russia.

Representatives of public organization “the Odessa Automaidan” movement “Initsiativa Derzhavniki Yarosh” played loud Patriotic music and staged an impromptu penalty of “Russian Empire”. Right in front of the Consulate building, the protesters roasted cock, to which is attached a second head, symbolizing the double-headed eagle is a symbol of the state emblem of the Russian Federation. The cock was decorated with the flag of Russia.

“Today, three years, as the country-aggressor held a pseudo-referendum and annexation of Crimea. We carried out a flash mob and fried on the grill in the view of the Kremlin, the symbol of the Russian Empire, two – headed rooster, strung on a flag of Russia”, – said one of the organizers, head of the Center for assistance to participants of ATO Natalia Kruchinina.

Photo: UNIAN