Photo video In Odessa, a man caught beating victims in the accident of national guardsmen.Photo: arsen.avakov/Facebook

A man was stabbed multiple times and fled the scene of the accident

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In Odessa law enforcement authorities caught the man who beat the national guard is injured during an accident. About this informed the head of Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in Facebook.

According to him, the man struck several blows with fighters of national guard who was hit by a car.

“After the terrible blow, the three guards lay bleeding on the pavement, called an ambulance – and then – this mrazina in a blue jacket – he jumped to the men, and struck several blows on lying until he was pushed away, thank her, the woman”, – Avakov wrote.

After the attack, the unknown escaped from the scene before the ambulance arrived and the police.

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“We searched for him all night and half a day he was hiding, but now we found it” – said Avakov added that the detainee was previously convicted man, who is now under probation.

The detained malefactor threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

The accident occurred in Odessa on March 30, when the machine is at avtonomera was hit by three employees of the national guard – one of them died, two were hospitalized. It is also known that at the time of the accident, the guards took over patrols on the eve of elections.

The driver of “Opel” was detained by police officers, also injured three passengers of the car.

As previously reported by the Focus:

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  • In Kiev the driver of the SUV rammed 5 car and left the scene.