In new York, a jury found guilty of theft of more than 200 thousand dollars a 28-year-old native of Russia Anna Sorokina, who was posing as a rich heiress from Germany

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In new York, a jury found guilty of theft of more than 200 thousand dollars a 28-year-old native of Russia Anna Sorokina, who was posing as a rich heiress from Germany. It is reported by CNN.

Sorokin found guilty of attempted theft, three counts of theft in the large size and theft of services. The punishment the court will appoint her may 9. On charges of theft Sorokina threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

Thus, according to The New York Times, the jury acquitted Sorokin on charges of embezzling 22 million dollars that she was trying to take a loan in the Bank, and the theft of 60 thousand dollars that her friend, the editor of Vanity Fair magazine, paid instead for a holiday in Morocco.

As writes RIA “news” in 2013, when the Paris magazine about fashion and art Purple took on the job came from the UK 22-year-old Anna Delvi. By this time, the girl went on to study at London College of art and design Central Saint Martins, to work in the fashion Department of an advertising Agency, and Purple editor Olivier Zahm saw in Anna a prospective employee.

For modern art exhibitions and fashion shows Anna actively acquainted with artists, gallerists, collectors, posing as a friend of Olivier’s Deputy. Among the Parisian Bohemians it was reputed to be his own man, which helped Instagram, where Anna carefully laid out reports about encounters with celebrities.

Soon she herself began to throw lavish parties for new friends, introducing herself as a daughter of a Russian oilman and stating that it intends to open an international club of connoisseurs of contemporary art with branches in new York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai.

As told by a Chinese collector of contemporary art, the founder of the Peking Museum”, M woods,” Michael Huang SF, he met with Delvi at the exhibition in the London gallery “pace”. Anna immediately proposed him to go together at the Venice Biennale in 2015 and asked to pay the flight and hotel in Venice. The collector agreed, but drew attention to the fact that in Venice Anna everywhere paid in cash only.

A few months Anna Huang was invited to a big party on the occasion of his birthday in the famous Parisian restaurant with “very steep, very successful people,” but a few days later he received an email from the restaurant asking contacts of a girl who didn’t pay the bill.

Anna herself immediately after the birth and flew to new York, where he booked a room at a boutique hotel, Eleven Howard value – $ 400 a day posing as a friend of the owner. In America she moved in the circles of financiers, lawyers and tycoons of the real estate market and, posing as the daughter of a German manufacturer of solar panels, reported about the idea of the arts club, which allegedly had already agreed to participate the most famous contemporary artists. The proof showed images of these artists in his Instagram.

In the result, Anna managed to find a room for the club – a six-story mansion in Northern Manhattan and to enlist the support of the famous new York lawyer Joel Cohen. He even gave Anna a letter on behalf of Gibson Dunn.

“Our client Anna Delvi performs extremely impressive reconstruction of the house at 281 Park Avenue and need a loan because her personal funds, which is enough are outside the United States in trust for the Bank UBS, said in the document. The loan that she will receive will be fully secured by a letter of credit Swiss Bank”.

With this letter, Anna came to City National Bank for a loan of 22 million dollars. In the credit application she confirmed that she has a 60 million euros in accounts in Switzerland. However, without additional verification, the Bank agreed to allocate only 100 thousand dollars.

After this, at Eleven Howard, she made her new York city headquarters, demanded to repay a debt for accommodation in the amount of 30 thousand dollars. Delvi paid out of the loan to City National Bank, but it still asked me to move out because she refused to provide the hotel with a valid credit card.

Moving to the Four Seasons hotel, the girl was soon forced to leave it, since they refused to accept payment in cash, and the existing card from Delvi was not. Then she lived with friends, but not for long, because you didn’t pay for housing, nor for the products. From 7 to 27 June, she stayed at the Beekman hotel in Lower Manhattan, where she escaped, owing almost $ 12. July the third, Delvi settled in the W hotel on Albany street in Lower Manhattan, where he lived for two days and disappeared without paying for a room over $ 500.

In late July, the restaurant of a four star hotel, Le Parker Meridien she had a few drinks, ate well and tried to leave without paying. However, were detained by security and handed over to the police.

It turned out that nee Anna Sorokin was born in Russia in 1991: when the girl was 16 years old, the family moved to Germany, in the town of Eschweiler near Cologne. There Anne’s father found work as a truck driver. After high school Anne went to London, enrolled in the College of arts and design Central Saint Martins, but soon dropped out and moved to Paris, where he began the “career” of the swindler.

Girl’s lawyer Todd Spodek said that Sorokina was always the intention to pay all the debts, but due to unforeseen circumstances she was unable to do it. Believing the defender, the judge freed Anna of the sentence under house arrest, but at the next court hearing she did not appear. Three months later, the new York detectives discovered Sorokin at the California center for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, after which she was taken to new York and put to trial in Rikers.


Experts point out that Sorokin has used not only the classical foundations of any fraud – the ability to make acquaintance and to ingratiate himself to the people, but the features of modern society, where Instagram is more important than the actual documents. One of the witnesses, former editor of Vanity Fair, Rachel Williams, became friends with Anna and went with her on holiday in Morocco when it came time to pay for accommodation in a five star hotel, Delvi having problems with the card. Williams paid for the rest 62 of the thousands of dollars that Anna she never returned.

More than 40 witnesses at different times lent Anna the money, paying her way or doing her work for which she never paid. So, the London architect mark cremers, developed the design for her club, and have not received the promised fee of 16 million pounds.

Meanwhile Sorokina lawyer Todd Spodek said that the intention of his client “never entered theft in any form”, and those who lost the money for it, blame yourself. This is also the position, and Anna herself. “I’m sorry that everything happened the way I wanted to. But I can’t fix, being in prison,” she said. Meanwhile, the story Sorokina attracted the attention of Netflix: it is reported that on its basis will create a series that’ll produce the author of “Anatomy of gray” Shawn Rimes.

Another charlatan who has acquired popularity in Instagram recently exposed in the Russian Academy of Sciences. As reported in your blog, with 263 thousand subscribers naturopath Elena Kornilova recommended that pregnant women take a few dozen pills a day. She also urged Russians to treat an incredible number of pills, poor eyesight, allergies, herpes and other diseases.

Kornilov called himself an “eternal student”, receiving a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology at the National University of Singapore. “The next stage: Stanford University (biotechnology and genetic engineering),” wrote Kornilov in Instagram. Her medical advice to subscribers, who she referred to as his hobby, was to apply the active of dietary Supplements: according to her, women should not have children, not cutting the course, providing for the adoption of the 31 pills a day. And when members start complaining about feeling sick from taking the pills, Kornilov dedicates them soothing posts.

As noted by a member of the Commission to counter the falsification of scientific research of RAS Peter Talent, regimens of dietary Supplements you can buy on the portal iHerb using coupon code Helena, where she will be charged a Commission. According to him, recommendations Kornilova deadly from a medical point of view: the female part of the recommended tablets for pregnant women – drugs with unproven efficacy from anything. And the Singapore national University and the Munich technological University that Elena supposedly ended, twice officially announced that Kornilov has nothing to do with those universities.