Sergeant died in the Donets basin three days ago.
The medic came under fire / Skrinshot Lviv said goodbye to the military doctor Vladimir Markevich.

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Senior Sergeant 24 separate mechanized brigade was killed three days ago near Novomikhailovka in the Donetsk region, said in the story TSN.

He was at the observation post of the demarcation line, when the post began to fire at the enemy snipers. One of the bullets struck the protective wall of the shelter and fatally wounded medic. He was 48 years old.

48-year-old Vladimir Markevich lived in the village Section of the Lviv region. To 24 Ombre joined in April 2018. He left a 22-year-old son.

We will remind, for a week Ukraine has lost at the front of five men. The enemy is not hiding, unconditionally uses prohibited calibers. In front-line villages said they never heard such cannonading in 2015. It can be connected with the presidential election.