KIEV. June 24. UNN. Detained by field investigators of criminal investigation Department of GUNP in the Luhansk region 34-summer man who for 20 years was wanted for committing crimes on the territory of Luhansk oblast, told about the torture suffered in the territory of a neighboring state. This was announced by the Department of communication in the region, reports UNN.

“Man, back in 1998, as a teenager, committed a crime on the territory of Luhansk region and to avoid punishment, 20 years hiding in different cities of Ukraine and in the end settled on the territory of Crimea, where she met the annexation. Leave the territory of Ukraine the man has not had the opportunity due to the fact that during the whole time of concealment and has not received any documents”, – stated in the message.

And recently while trying to enter from the Russian Federation to relatives in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region, the man was detained by Russian border guards. It was handed over to the local police.

“The night of the same day, men from the area police took the unidentified Balaclava. Wearing stockings, unknown brought him “to himself” in an unknown direction. As it turned out, it was the FSB. In an unknown building, they tied the man to a chair and spent the night tortured with electric shock, trying to get a confession of espionage in favor of Ukraine”, – noted in police.

Trying to find evidence of his work in favor of the intelligence of Ukraine, employees of the intelligence services was taken from the detainee all things, took apart his watch, Power Bank, charger to the phone. In the morning, the man again drove to the police. And the next night “interrogation” was repeated.

“When the torturers realized that “hang” on him the espionage fails, the man was taken to an undisclosed location and dumped in a field. Realizing that in Russia anything good will not get him, the man went to Ukraine, where he was detained by field investigators of the police of the Luhansk region. At the moment, with the man, investigators are working. Him for what he did earlier criminal offence awaiting trial,” – said in GUNP.

Recall that in Bakhmut Donetsk region militiamen detained the fighter with the call sign “Holy man.”