June 28 in the village of Lyubimovka in ORLO representatives “MIA”, “LC” with the battle and firefight detained a former “volunteer.”

About it reports a press-the centre of the Operation joint forces, citing the intelligence.

Events in the occupied territories unfolded in the best traditions of Hollywood action movies: a deserter just did not give up his former associates and opened fire, when they came for him. Two “policemen” were killed. Trying to cover up the crime, the gunman wanted to withdraw and hide the bodies, pre-cutting off their limbs.

The second attempt to arrest failed fighters of the “battalion of special purpose” Berkut.

“…The militia opened fire on the “Berkut” from RPGs and threw grenades,” – said Ukrainian intelligence.

In the end, the security forces fled, abandoning the guns. To detain the deserter are only the third group of “police”. Ukrainian intelligence suggests that the mercenary was out of ammo and he simply could not resist.

As previously reported, “veteran”, “LC” wanted for suspicion of stealing bicycles. The action of the house was an impressive Arsenal of weapons. By 30 June, a “policeman” were killed from a blow in the chest with a bayonet, and the second was shot from a Kalashnikov.

By the way, both the dead had also fought against the APU and both were listed in the database “Peacemaker”.

Mercenary the detainee confessed to the murder.

Anastasia Yugov