Clash with advocates happened at a major annual event.

Kremlin journalists working in the newspaper
“News” “suffered” at the hands of colleagues – they were kicked out
forum “Free Russia” which was held in Lithuania on 8-9 December. Russian
propagandists put out the door, the cries of “Glory to Ukraine!” the Crimean Tatar
the social activist is Irfan of Kutusov and chief editor of the channel ATR Ayder
Mugabe. The corresponding video was published by the Lithuanian media EN Delfi in Facebook.

Record in a very short time managed to collect a large
number of views – more than 6,000 people.

It is known that the forum “Free Russia”
held from year to year, and it was founded on the initiative of the opposition
political and public figures of the Russian Federation.

As previously reported, the main goal of the forum is to create a
alternative to Putin’s regime and out of it created the economic crisis.

Recall that the network got the information that the engineering
the case of the US army in Poland, intends to build buildings, pave roads and
to carry out installation work in both Polish and American military

In Russia, however, believe that these actions are aimed
against them and are preparing retaliatory measures. The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on
defense and security, Vladimir Kozhin said that such actions scare Russia and in
the country actively prepare security measures to protect

As reported “Диалог.UA” rossm launched fake about
that Syrian air defenses shot down a military plane for Israel.