In Kiev, the “cracked” people’s Friendship arch

KIEV. 24 Nov. UNN. In Kiev, the activists staged a “Crack friendship” in which the arch of Friendship of peoples appeared temporary “crack”. The action was organized to draw attention to the prisoners of the Kremlin – Oleg Sentsov, Vladimir Baloga and others. About this on his page in Facebook said the activist Maria TOMAK, reports UNN.

“After the cessation of the hunger strike of Oleg Sentsov and Vladimir Baluchon theme illegally detained citizens of Ukraine disappeared from the headlines of the world press, with the agenda of the high meetings. So they are not forgotten, it is important to make greater efforts. The international community and Ukraine should not feel that “now everything is OK,” wrote the activist.

She recalled that “the demand that I started a hunger strike on Oleg Sentsov remains unfulfilled – all hostages of the Kremlin in jail, the proceedings against them are continuing, the pre-trial investigation on trumped-up charges continues.”

“In connection with the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine, occupation of Crimea, illegal content of Ukrainian citizens for political reasons, Russia, we make this statement, signing it “CRACK FRIENDSHIP “on the symbolic attractions – “the Arch of Friendship of peoples”, – the activist noted.

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Tomac added that “this action is an act of solidarity with the illegally persecuted citizens of Ukraine, which Russia turns into a weapon in his hybrid war, solidarity with the civilian population in the occupied Russian Federation territories, gesture-response to unleashed and supported by the neighbor imperialist war in the East of Ukraine.”

The action purpose, according to the activists, drawing attention to the fate of the citizens of Ukraine, concluded by Russia for political reasons, the statements of requirements for all on whom it depends, to exert more efforts to release the hostages of the Kremlin.

“Please note that we do not in any way call into question the cultural and historical value of the monument “Arch of Friendship of peoples” and reject any possible speculation on this issue”, – said the activist.

We will add that “crack” is just a sticker which was placed on the ark.

We will remind, on the territory of the occupied Crimea and Russia, contains about 70 prisoners and illegally detained citizens of Ukraine, more than a hundred civilian hostages and prisoners of war are in the basement in the Donbas.