At present the process only the defenders known of the pair.
Ani Lorak is divorcing her husband / photo Instagram Ani Loraxepam, December 24, in the Shevchenko district court of Kiev began consideration of the claim of Ani Lorak divorce with Murat Nalchajian.

According to TSN, in the court there was only the lawyers that represent the interests of the famous couple.

The trial commenced with the filing of the advocates of holding meetings behind closed doors with no admittance to unauthorized persons, including the press. The court granted the petition – it’s considered behind closed doors.

Read takuan Lorak was first published after the news about the divorce

Any comments on the case lawyers Lorak and Murat is not provided, referring to the ban from customers.

As reported, the husband of Ani Lorak caught cheating. Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian, noticed in the company of a young brunette in one of the karaoke bars of Kiev, he hugged the girl, whispering something in her ear, stroking the inside of her thigh. Journalists have learned the name of the “friend” of the owner. Later it was reported that the singer divorces husband.