Photos In Kiev nationalists burned Roma camp

The police are not investigating the incident

22.04.18 24711910

In Kiev, Bald mountain the participants of the Ukrainian nationalist organization C14 expelled Roma and burned their tents and belongings.

About this in Facebook wrote coordinator of the organization Sergey Mazur.

On 19 April he published a post that “C14 Municipal guards together with representatives of the RGA golosiyivo once again presented an ultimatum to leave the forbidden area of the Park until tomorrow.”

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“In the case of failure to do so them differently will be asked to leave. In the framework of the law”, – says the publication.

On April 21 he wrote that only a part of the Roma left the camp in the Park after this ultimatum.

“But after convincing legal arguments others also decided to leave the forbidden territory… We removed them almost all the debris, dismantled tents and safely burned,” he said.

As reported the Metropolitan police are not investigating the case of the burning of a Roma camp on Bald mountain.

According to law enforcement officially to them, the relevant information is not received, no applications have been written.

Recall that Roma are the most numerous minority in Europe. Their number reaches 10 million worldwide.

During the Second world war, the destruction of the Roma was part of the General policy of the Nazis to destroy the mentally ill, Jews, political opponents, etc.

According to the latest data the number of victims of the Roma genocide is 200 000 – 1 500 000 people.