Ocean Plaza shopping center, 28 November 2018

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On Wednesday in the Ukrainian capital to the building of the shopping center Ocean Plaza was attended by representatives of the nationalist organization “Sokol”. They blocked the entrance to the Mall and demanded to close it, as the property allegedly belongs to the Lily Rothenberg – daughter close to Vladimir Putin, the Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg.

The protesters were met by the people working in the Ocean Plaza with the requirement to leave the room and let them work in peace, writes “Kommentariyi”. Employees of the shopping Mall explained to the activists that they are only employees and they need to feed their families.

According to the trade workers they “don’t care who owns the Mall”. Communication took place in a raised voice. Radicals shouting to the staff of a shopping center: “the Suitcase, station, Russia”.

“Ocean Plaza belongs to Rothenberg (the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg – priblizhenie to Vladimir Putin, the Russian businessmen), who arrived in the Ukraine to buy ammunition for the war with Ukrainians. We are opposed to. We will hold protest actions until then, until the business will not belong to Ukrainian owners”, – said Liga.net the leader of the “Falcon” Vladimir Nazarenko.

The majority of the protesters minors, hid their faces behind masks, said the news “Kommentarii”. The activists brought tires and wrote on the Windows of anti-Russian slogans, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Around 12:30 in TEC arrived a few dozen security forces. Police rounded up the radicals, and then began to withdraw them from the Mall. At some point, a fight broke out, but security forces stopped fighting.

A day earlier, the Mall threw a smoke bomb. A night in Lviv was set on fire two offices of “Alfa-Bank”. As a result of a fire nobody has suffered.

Ocean Plaza Mall is one of the largest in Ukraine. Its total area is about 160 thousand square meters.

Ocean Plaza belongs to the Russian company TPS Nedvizhimost, which owns five shopping centers in Russia: two in Moscow and one in Krasnodar, Sochi and Novosibirsk. “TPS Property” was founded by three businessmen – Alexander Skorobogatko, Alexander Ponomarenko and longtime friend of Vladimir Putin Arkady Rotenberg, whose companies built the Crimean bridge.

Ocean Plaza Mall is owned by the company “Investment Union Lybid”. According to the Unified register of legal entities, it is now owned by the Swiss Vallabh Andrea Reseal, Vallabh Jaiprakash and Vallabh Suzanne, and daughter, Arkady Rotenberg Lily.

Earlier “Kommersant” also quoted a very complicated ownership scheme, the SEC Ocean Plaza. According to the newspaper associated with the commercial center of JSC “TPS Property” controlled by the company TPS Real Estate, in which 66,7% owned by a discretionary trust, acting in the interests of the families of Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko, and 33.3% indirectly owned by Lily Rothenberg.

Ocean Plaza is well located in an area with low competition. While its market value is estimated at 270-315 million dollars. On the “sweet spot” of the trading business appeared candidates in October 2014. Then the Deputy Governor of the Dnieper region Gennady Korban called the leadership of the shopping center Ocean Plaza and asked to provide proof that the center does not belong to Russian owners.

The official stated that some calls will not end. Korban wanted to “nationalize” Mall as compensation for the lost assets in the annexed Crimea.

“I would like to turn to Mr. Rotenberg: I want to note that I will be forced to use the entire Arsenal of effective methods of change of ownership, which received, so to speak, in a past life. I have long promised myself to give them up, but I’ll make an exception,” wrote the Korban.

But further threats business is not has gone.

After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the owners of the shopping center tried to sell it. The second attempt to find buyers was taken after the statement of the Korban.

For shopping center owners wanted to $ 250 million. At the time, “TPS Property” had paid him $ 270 million, buying Ocean Plaza companies Vasily Khmelnytsky, Andrey Ivanov and Igor Nikonov. This is the most expensive transaction on the Ukrainian real estate market.

In Kiev evacuated people from 37 shopping after.

On Wednesday in Kiev was disorganized and other commercial establishments. The police announced the evacuation of people from 37 of the supermarkets “Silpo” due to reports of bomb scare.

“While the police verify the accuracy of information on mining network “Silpo” stores evacuated visitors and staff, noted in a capital Central Board. – The building sealed off, inspected the premises of the supermarkets of this network throughout the city”.

Information about explosives in the network of Kiev shops received to the security Service of Ukraine. To the inspection of premises involved several groups of police officers, which include specialists and dog handlers, according to the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

“The letter with the message about the mining of the supermarket came in
call center SBU. Because anonymous did not specify what address of the mortgaged
explosives, police will check all stores”, says
in the message.

For “maximum operational testing of supermarkets” created
several groups of security forces, which included bomb experts and
the dog handlers.

The efforts of the police aimed at the establishment of persons who reported about mining.

Earlier on Wednesday, a similar anonymous threats had been received in Moscow. From
15 shopping centers (including the shopping center “Color”, “atrium”, “Megapolis”, “Capitol”, “Gorbushkin yard”, “City”, “Viva”, “atrium”, “Star”, “Elektronika na Presne”, “Star”, “Gagarin”, “Good”) was evacuated about 7 thousand people. After checking
specialists hazardous materials in the premises was not found.

The network “Silpo”, according to the first half of 2018, is included in the company Fozzy Group, which is owned by Vladimir Kostelman, Oleg Sotnikov and Roman Chigir, reports TASS.