KIEV. July 30. UNN. For a month the inhabitants of Khmelnytskyi collected and given for recycling more than 700 kg of batteries and 1.5 thousand mercury lamps. It is reported by the Khmelnitsky city Council, reports UNN.

It is reported that the collection of hazardous waste from residents of the city shall ekobus. Over the last month (15 June – 15 July, ed.) ekobus made 16 visits to the districts of Khmelnitsky. Services ekobus have used about 900 residents.

“During this time, workers (utility company – ed.) received from the population of 709 kg of batteries, 17 kg of drugs, 70 kg of emulsion and paint, 58 kg of electronic and electrical equipment, exhaust filter 34, 9 kg containers from household chemicals, 823 fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps 613, 146 and thermometers”, – told in the city Council.

Until recently in Ukraine there was no public collection points of hazardous waste from the population. To get rid of the toxic waste people helped the volunteers and companies – utilizers of hazardous waste. In particular, Obukhov such containers in April 2017 established the company “Ekoservis Tarouca” with the assistance of the local authorities. Since then, the residents of the city and the hospital have donated more than 4000 mercury-containing (fluorescent) lamps and 400 kg of used batteries.