Photos In Kharkov, the grave of the Bolshevik Rudnev turned out to be fake

The remains wanted to move from downtown to the cemetery, but tombstone had found only trash


At the opening of the tomb of the leader of the Communist regime Nikolay Rudnev, located on the square of Heroes of the Heavenly hundred (the former Rudneva) in the center of Kharkov, was not found his remains. This was written in the social network Facedook Director of the Department of information and public relations of the Kharkov city Council Yury Sidorenko.

“Tomb Rudnev was another Communist fake. During pitting where supposedly rested Rudnev but garbage under the gravestone found nothing,” wrote Sidorenko.

The city authorities had intended to transfer the remains of the square in the city center on one of city cemeteries.

According to Sidorenko, will now be drawn up on the basis of which the Ministry of culture shall change the status of the burial.

Where you will get a plate with a non-existent grave is not specified.

Rudnev monument was placed in the Park on Rudnev square in front of the Appeal court of Kharkiv region on his burial site in 1959. It was a bronze statue set on a pedestal of polished black granite.

Member RSDLP(b) Rudnev commanded the 30th reserve regiment, which, together with detachments of the red guard 29 October 1917, disarmed the troops of the Central Rada and took the most important objects of Kharkiv, which ensured the transfer of power to the military revolutionary Committee (VRK).

10 Jan 1918 Rudnev units of his regiment eliminated the last stronghold of the Central Rada in Kharkov – disarmed 2nd Ukrainian reserve regiment of Volokh (after an hour of shelling the barracks of the regiment of armored cars, the regiment, having stopped resistance, laid down their arms).

Lost in the autumn of 1919 under the Empress Rudnev was buried first in Tsaritsyn, but then, allegedly at the insistence of the workers of Kharkov, February 9, 1919, he was buried in Kharkov on the square until 2015, which bore his name.

After the demolition of the monument Rudnev and renaming of the square in square of Heroes of Heaven hundred’s grave was left in its place, and only 30 November 2017 at a meeting of the city Commission on toponymy and protection of historical and cultural environment was finally decided on the reinterment of the remains of one of the city cemeteries.