The area around the MiG is planned to Refine, to make the plane light illumination, around flowerbeds.
Aircraft weight – about 5 tons, height – 13 meters Photo: Kolomak village Sovetov Kolomak, Kharkiv oblast of combat aircraft made the monument.

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This was reported by the “Slobodskoy Kray”. In particular, the jet fighter MiG-21, which has completed more than 1,000 combat missions, set in the Central Park of Kolomak 20 years ago, but put it on a pedestal was only recently.

“Over the years of inactivity the plane stolen so that soon there’d be nothing left. He was left without many components. Besides, they had planned to give the fighter the memorial complex “Height of Marshal Konev”. After consulting with members, we decided that the plane should stay in Kolomak – as a memory,” said Kolomak village Chairman Volodymyr Gurtovoy.

Aircraft weight – about 5 tons, height – 13 meters.

“Our MiG-21 is the largest, heaviest, most powerful aircraft monument on the territory of Kharkiv region”, – said the head of the Department of housing and communal services, architecture and urban planning of the village Council Dmitry Buyalo.

Raising the plane on the pedestal was timed to the 30th anniversary of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the commemorative token on the occasion of this event and in memory of soldiers-internationalists Kolomak opened on March 28. To congratulate the community there arrived the Deputy head of Kharkiv regional state administration Oleksandr Skakun and Director of the Department of defense, mobilization work and interaction with law enforcement bodies of Kharkiv regional state administration Alexey Maksimov.

Now it is planned to improve the territory around the Moment: to make the plane light illumination, around flowerbeds, to update the fleet.