Kharkiv court of appeal was unable to open the proceedings, as Zaitseva fully acquainted with the case materials.
The case entered the Kharkiv court of appeal on 1 April photo UNIAN

Kharkiv court of appeal returned the case about a traffic accident with six dead on the street Sumy in October 2017 in the Kiev district court of Kharkiv in order to get a full view of the defendant Elena Zaitseva with the material.

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This reports the press service of the Kharkiv court of appeal on his page in Facebook. According to the report, 4 April, the judge of the Kharkiv appeal court Vladimir Protasov adopted a resolution on the return of the materials of the criminal proceedings against Zaitseva and Dronova in the Kiev district court of Kharkov to meet the requirements of the law in terms of ensuring the rights of participants on familiarization with the case materials.

According to the press service, during the verification of appeals judge established the circumstances, which prevent the appeal proceedings.

“The accused Zaitseva after the verdict, the district court submitted the application for familiarization with the materials of criminal proceedings. As established by the court of appeal, in the case there is information on only partial acquaintance with the first volume, while the case is comprised of thirteen volumes”, – stated in the message of the court.

As reported the UNIAN, 18 October 2017 in Kharkov at the intersection of streets Sumy and lane Mechnikov clash “Lexus” 20-year-old Zaitseva, which was moving at red lights with exceeding the speed limit, and the car “Volkswagen Touareg”, at the wheel which was a 49 -year-old Gennady drones.

After the collision, the Lexus took off on the sidewalk and knocked down 11 pedestrians. The accident on the spot, five people died, another person died from injuries in hospital.

February 26, 2019 Kyiv district court of Kharkiv admitted Dronova and Zaitsev guilty of the accident and has appointed punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for periods of 10 years each.

Appeals against the verdict were filed Zaitseva, her champion Yulia Pletneva and defender Dronova Sergey Perepelitsa.

The case entered the Kharkiv court of appeal on 1 April.