Vaccination is valid for one year, then revaccination is carried out.
Animals are vaccinated from 3 months of age

Routine vaccination of Pets against rabies held from March 11 to April 18 for all 66 stations “Zhilkomservice” in Kharkov.

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As reported today by the head of Department of housing of the city Council Vic Hercules for two days in the city instilled in 70 dogs and cats, reports Vaccination is free of charge, pet owners need to pay only RS 5 for a certificate of vaccination.

“Routine vaccination is carried out annually in March-April for pet owners living in high-rise buildings, municipal form of ownership. The second phase will start in may – during this period, will be vaccinated the animals living in the private sector. The vaccine is purchased for budget funds”, – said the athlete.

According to vetfeldsher ina Yagnik, animals are vaccinated from 3 months of age. Before vaccination, the pet must be healthy. The vaccination is a preparation of Ukrainian production “Rabistar”, one is used for inoculation of 1 ml of the medication regardless of the weight of the animal.

“Kharkiv go on actively vaccinations, because I know that rabies is a very dangerous acute infectious disease that invades the nervous system and always ends in death. So you need time to be vaccinated. Vaccination is valid for one year, then revaccination is carried out”, – said Yagnik.

She noted that when infected animal rabies obvious signs can be detected on the 10th day after infection. Also for a sick animal typical of photophobia and the fear of water, salivation and convulsions.

According to the Department of housing, within the framework of routine vaccination on average per year instill 4 to 6 thousand animals.