In place of the departed investigative team, experts-cynologists and bomb experts.
In Kharkov schools looking for explosives /

In Kharkov the police checks information about the mining of the two schools on the street of Academician Bogomolets. Carry out evacuation and inspection of the premises.

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According to the Department of communication of the police in Kharkiv region, information about the explosives in two educational institutions Novobakinskogo district was reported to the police and at 14.52 15.29.

On a place of incident left investigatory-operative group, employees dog training center, forensic experts and bomb experts.

Information contributed to the Magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages.

Earlier in social networks there was an anonymous post, the author is referring to one of the teachers reported an armed teenager in the Kharkov school. The student allegedly brought a traumatic gun and shot one of the moms, wounding her in the neck.

In the Kharkiv mayor’s office denied this information. “Shooting” was carried out from the toy gun, the student hit the ceiling, no injuries.