In Kharkov for heating hospitals and orphanages use the air heat gunPhoto:

Work on heating mains is not carried out since 1973

25.02.18 528100

In Kharkov is the second day of the ongoing liquidation of consequences of accident on heating systems. On the situation in the city, announced in Facebook Vice-the Prime Minister – Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko.

“In low temperature mode continues complex repairs to restore the main line heating. Due to the fact that the regulations were not carried out on the mainline since 1973, constantly having complications that require additional technical solutions,” he said.

According to Zubko, for the organization and coordination on elimination of consequences of accident on heating systems, which occurred in the area medgorodka the city of Kharkiv, has arrived operative group led by Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and housing Edward the Logs and the first Deputy of the Chairman of gschs of Ukraine Oleg Melucci.

“Right now, medical institutions and children’s home are heated by air heat guns. Deployed a mobile point heating on-site medical centre at the St. Saltovskoe Highway 264. To heat residents of the neighborhood decided to expand the points of heating in sports halls or schools. Conducted door to door, the temperature in the apartments around 15-18 degrees Celsius,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

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He added that without heating remains 129 high-rise residential buildings, 5 hospitals, 3 schools, 7 kindergartens and 1 orphanage.