In Kharkov, denounced the international channel of trafficking

Businessmen sent to Turkey girls for prostitution


Law enforcement authorities revealed a criminal group that recruited women for sexual exploitation abroad.

This reports the press center of the state border service of Ukraine.

Criminals were recruited and sent to Turkey of Ukrainian women, who were in a difficult financial position, to further their exploitation in the field of rendering services of intimate character.

In particular, in the Kharkiv international airport in time pogranichno-customs registration of the flight to Istanbul was arrested an accomplice of the organizer of the illegal activity, which tried to take over the border two citizens of Ukraine of 1997 and born in 1989 in Turkey with the purpose of sexual exploitation.

The evening of the same day in Kharkov militiamen found and detained a citizen of Ukraine, resident of Mariupol, who organized the channel of illegal trafficking.

“As a result of a search of his apartment police found overwhelming evidence that pointed to his involvement in criminal activities,” say the guards.

Now the defendants are detained, proceed quickly-investigative actions.