“Kharkov’s thermal networks” has published the project of increase of prices for communal.
In Kharkov want to raise tariffs for heating and hot water / UNIAN

The municipal enterprise (KP) “Kharkiv heat networks” published possible tariffs for heating and hot water, which I propose to introduce in Kharkiv since may 1, 2019.

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The corresponding project is published on the website of the company. On average, the tariffs for heating for users with meters and no plans to raise almost 22%. Hot water for consumers with the towel and without them the price will rise by 21.6%.

Heating tariffs for subscribers of houses and apartment houses devices of the account of thermal energy is planning to raise up to 1 876,91 UAH / Gcal; for subscribers of houses without house and apartment metering of heat energy to 48,01 UAH per 1 sq. m.

Tariffs for hot water if you connect the towel to the centralized supply of hot water going to boost up 113,39 UAH per 1 cubic meter; in the absence of a towel is to 104,98 UAH for 1 cubic meter.

In CP tariff increase explained by the rise in the supply of natural gas, coal, heat “CHP-3” and “Kharkiv CHPP-5” and increase electricity costs and pay for the work.