Unknown attackers in Russia doused the monument to the German educator white and pink colors. Perhaps it was a peculiar action. The vandals left fliers with radical statements about the pedestal.

Vandals of the Russian Federation spilled paint a local landmark.
Statue of Immanuel Kant is now partly colored pink, and next to
monument scattered leaflets with radical statements, transfers the edition “Диалог.UA” with reference to “TASS”.

The attackers wrote on the leaflets that Kant
is the enemy. They also call for the Russian students “to edit out
foreign name of private documents.”

“Hit the monument of Kant along with the pedestal
monument. Bathed in white and pink colors. University employees
restore the former appearance of the monument. But all interested in the identity of those who
arranged like this,” said one of the witnesses.

It is noted that now the security service of the University
analyzes the footage, which was done with the help of video cameras. It is expected that
the police will punish the vandals. But at the moment they failed to catch.

We will remind that the Russian Federation has strengthened the nuclear threat
on the territory of Kaliningrad. While there were no incidents. In addition,
Lukashenko has some
territorial claims to Russia’s Kaliningrad.