The driver of the bus in which schoolboys went on a tour, explained why he set fire to it.
Burned down in an arson attack bus / REUTERSВ the municipality of San Donato Milanese near Milan, the driver of the torched bus, which was traveling students.

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It is reported by the European true with reference to Milano Today.

The incident occurred at 11.50 local time. The bus driver, a native of Senegal, I stopped the vehicle and drove out of it all the students who went on the tour. After that, he poured an incendiary mix, probably gasoline, seats and floor of the bus and everything was on fire.

The incident resulted in neither the driver nor the students was seriously hurt – only a few did not feel well because of the acrid smoke.

Burned down in an arson attack bus / REUTERS

On the scene arrived by helicopter, 11 ambulance, fire and police. In connection with the incident on the road to a traffic jam.

Militiamen detained the bus driver. The bus driver was 47-year-old Usain su Italian citizen of Senegalese descent.

As Yevropravda writes, citing news Agency ANSA, according to the reconstruction of events, on Wednesday morning he took the bus with 51 pupils in the secondary school of the municipality of the Cream and said that he was going to kill himself.

#Milano, un pregiudicato di origine senegalese sequestra un autobus con una sulla scolaresca #appicca Paullese e il fuoco: fermato. 14 intossicati, 12 sono bambini. Nessun ferito. Le immagini

— Sky tg24 (@SkyTG24) March 20, 2019

After that, he stopped the bus on the road, was kicked out of his students, doused the seat with gasoline and set on fire.

“I wanted to stop it, death in the Mediterranean must stop”, the man explained his action.

It is reported that the incident resulted in 12 children and two adults were poisoned by smoke, they were taken to the hospital.

Earlier it was reported that Italy had closed its ports to the refugees rescued in the Mediterranean sea.