Due to its unique properties, graphene is widely used in the manufacture of many different items, in particular protective helmets, microphones, and lights. Italian Institute of technology with one of the leading Shoe manufacturers company Fadel went even further – they have developed a prototype graphene footwear that keeps you cool in hot weather.

As is known, graphene has high conductivity. The researchers added a small amount of graphene flakes in the upper part of the polyurethane midsole – footbed sandals. The percentage of graphene was only 1 % of the entire insole. Flakes were produced using the so-called technology of “liquid phase exfoliation”. As a result, even such a small number of graphene improved the dissipation of shoes by 50 %.

Fadel company patented a new technology called Freshoes and already submitted samples of “graphene” shoes at the international exhibition in Milan.
The Source — Graphene Flagship