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In Glasgow, three people were attacked with a knife

STV News / Twitter

In Glasgow, three people were killed in the attack of a man with a knife. At least six more were injured, among them one policeman, according to the British broadcasting Corporation BBC. According to preliminary information, the incident occurred on the steps of the hotel Park Inn located in George West.

Eyewitness told Sky News that he saw several people bleeding, when all around them were doctors. The assailant shot. The representative of police Scotland said we are not talking yet about possible accomplices in the crime and their investigation.

The police confirmed that one police officer was injured in the incident. It is assumed that the attacker acted alone. Authorities said that no further threats. The area where the attack occurred, is now closed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his deep regret over the incident and assured the families of victims of the attack, he is next to them.

Police are evacuating a building in the centre of Glasgow, looks like multiple injuries. Police advising people to avoid the area. @LBC— Jack Foster (@jackfostr) June 26, 2020