In Germany animal shelters won’t give Pets before the holidaysPhoto: YouTube

The ban will apply from 15 December to 1 January

10.12.18 86010

At Christmas time, animal shelters in Germany are not to give Pets.

Reported by Deutsche Welle (DW).

According to leaders of shelters, animals are not to give for Christmas. “Ideally, they become members of the family, but no one gives to family members as gifts,” explained Arvid possekel the employee of one of the shelters in Hannover.

In shelters worried that on Christmas eve animals often give when they can’t think of another gift, while not consulting with relatives. In the end, after the holidays, animals or pushed back, or even leave on the street.

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The staff of the shelters told DW that those who really wants to make a living gift for Christmas, you can come for a few weeks before the holiday or in January. “Not necessary to do this two days before the holidays,” explained Gabriele Schwab from a shelter in Bremen.

In addition, according to the interlocutors DW, the pre-Christmas period is a hectic time for people and for animals, which only gets into the house, it becomes really stressful.

The ban will apply from 15 December to 1 January not only in Hanover and Bremen, but also in Berlin and in other major cities.

We will remind, the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun advised to shelter homeless animals and not to destroy their Pets, if possible.