In Facebook found 470 fake accounts that distribute political advertising

Discovered 2200 posts in the amount of 50 thousand dollars, having a connection with Russia


Facebook shas Awil about a possible connection between advertising, which bought the social network users from Russia and the US presidential elections in 2016.

This is stated in the study , the company referenced the world’s media,

It was found about 470 fake accounts and pages that distribute political advertising and, as expected, was able to be opened by users from Russia.

From June 2015 to may 2017, with these pages placed about three thousand ads in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

Despite the fact that direct information about the elections in the advertisement was not, the posts contain provocative messages on social-political issues, LGBT, themes of racism, immigration, and weapons.

It was also found 2200 posts in the amount of 50 thousand dollars associated with a policy and having a connection with Russia.

Representatives of Facebook were not currently doing any reviews.

Recall, Facebook covers daily 1 million accounts.