We offer to your interest a chronicle of the main events in the occupied Donbas for the current week.


The young resident of Donbass appealed to Zelensky: “Who fired my hometown? You have 24 hours to answer,” footage

Invaders “LC” distinguished criminal cynical trick in the Donbass

Militants are burning with fire: the men of the 54th Ombre masterfully defeated the Russian technique – video “firework” from APU

In Kiev blew up the car of an intelligence officer from the Donbass: a wounded saboteur blew up himself and arrested on the spot

Khodakovsky blamed Russia, which “withdrew” from elections in Ukraine: “About the passport fell silent”

The militants “L/DNR” to aggravate the situation after the murder of two soldiers OOS: where thundering attack on the front line

In the Russian Federation minus infantry fighting vehicles and five occupants: APU forced the enemy to pay for deadly attacks in the Donbass


“Get the banana “Republic” in Ukraine want” – even ardent separatists dream of escape from Donetsk

“Junta, get me water”, -, “DNR” do not want to pay Ukraine for electricity, but require the benefits of civilization

APU strikes and take the important road to Donetsk under the control of the militants clamped in tongs – frames

“Training manual” of the Kremlin forced the “case” of “DNR” to accept Donbass as part of Ukraine. I can’t believe

On the eve of the second round of elections in the Donbas were the latest Russian equipment frames

The issuance of Russian citizenship to residents of Donbass: the Sands made a statement on the background of rumors about the victory Zelensky

The failure of the loud protests against Poroshenko in Donetsk: wild blunder of fighters of “DNR” in the photo tried to be corrected urgently


In the Donbass killed a known fighter OOS Yana Chervona – life military cut hit the enemy ATGM

“One shot success” – APU defeated the Russian Utes under Popasnaya, the enemy quickly subsided: frames

The Kremlin has thrown the “L/DNR” and Russian passports and laugh the social network: “Donbass with April fool’s Day”

APU sent to the light is a dangerous enemy of the regiment “DNR” Bald, called “burn” Ukrainians

APU took part in the gray area near Donetsk: force OOS are prepared to take control of major highway

Huge loss of “L/DNR” for March leaked: hundreds of militants joined the “gang of 200’s and 300’s” frames

Dangerous Russian mercenary Tatar destroyed in Donbas: “the Work of the sniper EP” – photo Thriller


The residents of the Donbass, the Ukrainians: “don’t lose the country and before “flushing” in the Wake of the election, the government, look at the Lugansk and Donetsk”

“LC” covered a difficult problem: in the Donbas was not even from Soviet times – photos

Militants “DNR” openly accused Putin of deaths of Russian mercenaries: “You killed the boys and hide it, damn you”

In Donbass destroyed a dugout of militants Prilepin: the explosion destroyed the famous mercenary Anapa, many seriously injured

Militants “DNR” election supported Tymoshenko: the film surprised the reason the “sinking” Julia before the vote

The destruction of the Outpost occupants “Crocodile” under the Donetsk: a local resident stated “a lie”, removing the video

The militants “L/DNR” shake the Donbas unit attacks, tripling the APU is a hell of a day ahead of the elections