Jens Skow

KIEV. May 29. UNN. In Denmark at the age of 99 years died scientist Jens Christian Skow, who in 1997 became the winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry. This is stated in the statement on the website of the Aarhus University, reports UNN.

“May 28, 2018 died a doctor of medicine and physiology at Aarhus University, Professor Emeritus Jens Christian of skou, winner of the honorary Nobel prize. He was 99 years”, — stated in the message.

As noted, the Danish chemist died 28 may not live to see the 100th anniversary five months. He received the award after opened in 1957, the sodium – potassium adenosinetriphosphatase found in animal cells and is essential for energy transfer. His discovery was of great importance for health.

The sodium-potassium ATPase using ATP to pump sodium ions out of the cell to the outside, and potassium inside. For every three sodium ion extracted from the cells, injected inside only two ions of potassium. So between the “inside” of the cell and the environment creates a potential difference, and at her expense are very many processes, such as the electrical activity of nerve cells, muscle contraction, intake of nutrients.

According to the statement of skou worked, despite his age: his latest article was published in 2015.

Recall that in the United States found the missing Nobel laureate in chemistry.