Photo In China, the facial recognition system mistook the portrait for advertising with a pedestrian-offenderWeibo

The photo was depicted on prothuses bus

23.11.18 85000

In many cities of China, the police has established a system of facial recognition that track down pedestrians crossing the road in the wrong place. But the program is still imperfect and can sometimes produce funny errors, according to Abacus News.

Recently, she tried to blame the traffic violations of local entrepreneur, which was not even nearby – just in the field of view of the camera got her picture depicted on prothuses bus.

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The system not only identificeret the faces of pedestrians-violators in real time, but also shows their faces close-up on a special screen, together with some personal information such as names or ID numbers. In Ningbo city, where the incident occurred, just one month was thus caught more than 7,800 people.

In the case of the photo on the bus the person “offending” and her name (by the way, is misspelled), was also on display.

Police later acknowledged the error and published an apology in the local social network Weibo, and also promised to debug the program.

As written, the Focus in China are partly the system of the so-called social ranking, which evaluates the trustworthiness of each citizen. It is formed according to the courts, police, banks, tax service, and also from social networks, online shops and from work. Only in April 2018 15 million recorded cases when Chinese were denied the opportunity to sit in a high-speed train or the plane because of the low social rating.