The withdrawal of Britain from ERU Brussels want London two years after Brexit lived according to his lawsPhoto: POLITICO Europe

Michel Barnier believes that this will benefit the agreement on trade relations between the EU and Britain

19.11.18 23000

The main negotiator from the EU, Michel Barnier said about the need to extend the transition period after Brexit until 2022.

He believes that two additional years will benefit the agreement on trade relations between the EU and Britain, reports The Guardian.

“During the transition period, which London prefers the term “implementation period”, UK will be obliged to live in accordance with all EU laws and decisions of the European court,” said Barnier.

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In his opinion, such a perspective would allow Brussels two years further negotiate on trade relations with London, the UK would continue to obey the rules of the EU and without the right to vote would be making contributions to its budget, the newspaper writes.

Note, London and Brussels have agreed on a plan for Brexit. UK will pay for an exit from the European Union about 39 million pounds. According to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, the final agreement on Brexit can take on 25 November, “unless there is nothing extraordinary”.

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The final British exit from the European Union scheduled for March 29, 2019. Thereafter, the so-called 21-month transition period, until the end of 2020. The transition period may be extended only once, however, it is unknown, what can be its maximum length.

Recall that Theresa may has ruled out a second referendum on Brexit. According to her, the course set out in the 585-page document, is “right” for her country.