Photos In Britain found a letter to Santa Claus, written 120 years agoPhoto: BBC

The message was written by a five year old girl Marjorie

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A letter to Santa Claus from a five-year Marjorie, written in 1898, found in an old book, which is handed over to the store to charity. This is the BBC.

Little Marjorie from Eastbourne in the South of England asked Santa to gift a toy ducks and chickens, new stockings, ribbon in her hair and a ball for any cat Kittykins.

Photo: BBC

She even wrote the date – 2 December 1898, therefore, the letter so precisely dated.

It is now on display in the window of the toy store in the city of Canterbury. Lily Birches, whose father found a letter, hoping to find relatives of Marjorie and return the message to them.

The problem is that the little Marjorie nothing is known, except that she lived on the street Anis road in Eastbourne.

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Lily’s father tried to find information about people on this street, but I guess this part of the city was bombed during the Second world war and was completely rebuilt.

We will remind, a high school teacher in new Jersey was fired after she told the children that Santa Claus does not exist. In addition, she told the children that the presents under the tree not he puts them and the parents. Also she called myths about the history of flappy the Christmas reindeer, Easter Bunny, elves, leprechauns and the tooth fairy