In Britain banned the advertising of junk food

KIEV. March 19. UNN. In the UK want to limit junk food advertising on the legislative level, reports UNN with reference to

Legislative changes initiated by the UK Department of health. The new rules affect TV and social networks. The producers of harmful food and drink will be able to advertise their products after 2100.

“One in three children leaves primary school overweight or obese, and the number of children identified as individuals with severe obesity is at a record high level”, – stated in the message.

The government announced the ban in the coming days.

In post-Soviet countries, meanwhile, are trying to limit children of preschool and school-age children from consuming harmful foods, including snacks.

So, the Estonian Institute of health recommended to remove from schools and kindergartens sweets and snacks.

In order to limit the consumption of snacks by households, in the Russian Federation has decided to impose a tax on such products.

In Ukraine, politicians have declared that the sale of snacks to children under 16 years of age should be banned at the legislative level.

Note that according to the study, retail audit Nielsen, Ukrainians increase the consumption of snacks, despite all the warnings of physicians.

Also recall that a few months ago for cheating (by placing on the labels of false information about the product) was fined snekovaya the company “Snack Export”. Firm belongs to the father of the people’s Deputy from Sergey’s RPL Fishing – Victor Fishing. AMC has ordered the company to pay a fine in the amount of 68 thousand UAH.