In Belgrade riots broke out, the demonstrators tried to seize TV Serbia

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KIEV. March 17. UNN. Several dozen demonstrators stormed on Saturday in the building of the national television of Serbia RTS in the course of the protest marches. This was reported on Saturday, RTS, reports UNN.

Earlier in Belgrade held a mass anti-government rally, the same performances are organized in the country since December. The occasion was the massacre in the city of kruševac a group of hackers one of the opposition leaders — Borko Stefanovic. To the authorities sounded the charge in creating an atmosphere of violence, the opposition called on their supporters to take to the streets.

The demonstrators on Saturday blocked the two entrances to the channel, pelted him with eggs, then stormed inside and began pasted leaflets and ribbons of the room. Later into place there arrived a squad of police, which blocked the passages to the upper floors.

The N1 channel led broadcast. During a break in the building along with the protesters were opposition leaders Bosko Obradovic (the leader of the party “Door”) and former mayor of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas, who demanded a meeting with the leadership of the channel. Then they wanted a live broadcast on the air, accusing the management of RTS in the fact that in three months they never called to political show.

Special forces of the Serbian police began to clear the building of the national television against the protesters. Demonstrators support their supporters at the entrance to the building. They chant: “Arrest (President) Vucic. Go to Kosovo. Treachery, treachery!” People police outputs from the building, the crowd applause greets.

Right-wing Dveri party leader Bosko Obradovic is dragged out of the premises of the Serbian public broadcaster RTS by riot police.

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Riot police are forcing anti-govt protesters to leave the premises of RTS, with some protesters being dragged out.#1od5miliona

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Inside the Serbian public broadcaster RTS, riot police are now forcefully expelling anti-govt protesters from the premises.

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