German prosecutors released new evidence in the doping case of a doctor from Erfurt Mark Schmidt, involved in a scandal with a blood transfusion at the world Cup in skiing in Seefeld. According to investigators, Schmidt oversaw a network that linked several countries and are actively testing athletes for illegal drugs.

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World network

Case of a German doctor Mark Schmidt is becoming more and more serious proportions. The latest information on the progress of the police investigation of the public provided the lead Prosecutor of Munich Kai Graber. According to the representative of the government, it is already known that among the victims there are already 21 athletes, and evidence of use established by the Schmidt blood doping recorded in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, South Korea, and the Hawaiian Islands.

The exact number of blood draws with its subsequent return to the body, the Prosecutor did not call, however, according to the German newspaper ARD, we are talking about three-digit number.

All in all, medical schemes, Dr Schmidt has been involved representatives of eight sports. While reports on ski racing and road Cycling, information about other types of investigation did not disclose. Given the fact that blood doping is primarily athletes who need to increase stamina, journalists suggest that in the “black list” with the highest probability can enter the triathlon, speed skating and Nordic combined.

Experiments and illegal transportation of blood

Learning about the scale of the violations and the number of active sportsmen, the German media were quick to give Dr. Schmidt a definition of “bloody”.


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In addition, details became known of the transportation of blood. According to the Munich Prosecutor’s office, to do this, Schmidt used the organisms of sportsmen.

Before leaving for the big competition in Vienna athletes introduced an additional liter of blood, which on arrival at the final point went back for further use.

Thus Schmidt had exposed patients to serious danger associated with high blood pressure, and forced customers to use powerful drugs from thrombosis.

Journalists also report about the installed case for the negative effect of the treated blood to the body — sudden heat in the whole body and forced the athlete to literally get our hands in the snow to bring down the increased temperature. The name of the athlete is kept secret.

Doping at the Olympics

Investigating a new storyline in the doctor, the ARD stated that the global doping network involving a number of countries, and directly associated with the clinic of Dr. Schmidt, had a successful career during the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

About it in their social networks, said the journalist, Hyo Seppelt. Still not specified, does the laboratory directly on the territory of South Korea or blood subsequently transfused to the athletes, delivered in Pyeongchang in other ways.

Staatsanwaltschaft München 1 zu Erfurt: 21 Athleten Mindestens seit Ende 2011, 8 europ. Nationen, “dreistellige” Zahl von Blutdopingbehandlungen, weltweit agierendes Netzwerk – auch während Olympia in Pyeongchang

— Hajo Seppelt (@hajoseppelt) 20 Mar 2019

While Seppelt argues that high-profile doping scandal may be involved and representatives of the teams participating in the race “Tour de France”.

Its an illegal medical activities of Dr. Schmidt, according to the preliminary investigation, could carry out since 2011.

The arrests and the suspects

Dr. mark Schmidt was arrested February 27, was later arrested three of his assistants, and custody went to the fifth person involved in doping case — 38-year-old courier, not having medical education. During the investigation the man admitted that in the absence of the necessary skills to provide services not only to transport material but also of its production and the introduction into the body.

It is also reported that two of the detainees helpers Schmidt were really in Pyeongchang during the Olympics, but details were not disclosed.

According to the Munich Prosecutor’s office, Schmidt is actively cooperating with the investigation and provides all the necessary data. So, in the course of the investigation it became known that the clinic in Erfurt specialized not only on blood doping, but also on a prohibited growth hormone. At the same time for medical support Schmidt’s athletes were paid between 4 thousand to 15 thousand Euro.

The German authorities said they were satisfied with the investigation and will continue searching all participants in the global medical experiment victims. Soon will be known the names of all the athletes — their identificeret on DNA tests of blood bags seized during the RAID.